The Video

The Event took place at 7 pm on Friday 10th February 2017.

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On February 10th 2017, a hundred people gathered at the Metropolitan Arts Centre in Belfast to participate in a very special event. An outpouring of empathy, solidarity, consensus.

What Happened?

After viewing Three Beautiful Human Minutes, we are inspired to create a uniquely local version set here in the North of Ireland to represent us.

No matter what happens - you will have an experience.

What is it?

This is an experiment in social capital. There is no budget only good will, no costs only what is given freely. It is at it's heart the expression of a group of people wanting to create something great because, for better or for worse, we choose to live here, on this part of the island, with these people.

Want to help?

Join the Facebook group or, if you'e not on Facebook, email Matt - we are looking for sponsors for tea, coffee, water for the night.

The Aim

The Aim is to create something beautiful. It's a lofty goal considering that we only started planning this on the evening of the 1st February (and it's the evening of the 3rd February as we type this) but we have had a huge upswell of people and good will that it floored us. What's magnificent is that everything here is being done by volunteers. The original may have been a television company commission but this is a hundred percent authentic.

The Inspiration

This is what inspired us.